SAAB-340 carrying MISBI pod
Successful cross banding and multi-node communication shown effective in latest development test event.

Global Air Logistics and Training, Inc. (GALT) completed a successful government customer developmental test of the Fused Integrated Naval Network (FINN) Prototype system at MCB Camp Pendleton, California. FINN encompasses a MCWL-led effort to provide the Naval Force (US Navy and US Marine Corps) with the ability to share Situational Awareness (SA) between incompatible platforms with emphasis on high priority LPI/LPD and assured links.


During the successful ground and flight tests, the GALT team demonstrated the airborne FINN Prototype communication gateway capabilities between ground-based communication nodes and the podded system flown on an MQ-9 surrogate (SAAB-340). Over the course of two weeks and 24 flight hours the FINN Prototype demonstrated multi-waveform cross banding (L-16, TTNT, BE CDL, IBS, and TSM-X) monitoring, management and control of the payload, track correlation, data fusion, and edge networking communication to and from remote/disadvantaged users and command elements.


The development test is the latest in a series of successful flights, using AFRL approved pods, advancing the development and maturing of the FINN capability.


GALT is a non-traditional, small business that delivers premier communications and command and control solutions in support of the Department of Defense. GALT’s combination of technical innovation and fast-paced execution unleashes new capabilities, bolsters security, and transforms information flow. GALT specializes in open, scalable, and tailorable communications architectures, rapid prototyping, and user experience design. GALT’s process is based on Agile Software and System engineering development to improve, modernize, and enhance command, control, and communications systems.

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