Core Values

#2 Add Value

Make it Better Than it is.

#1 Do the Right Thing

Integrity, honesty, and transparency in all our dealings.

#3 Share Successes

Everyone contributes and knows how they contribute

#5 Build Trusting, Lasting, Mutually-beneficial Relationships

We have no business without business relationships

#4 Over-communicate to Resolve Issues

Timely…  Objectively…  Respectfully…

#6 Grow the

GALT Economy

Every decision has financial impact



Our Vision is to provide Game Changing Solutions - Inspired by the Warfighter, Driven by Innovation, & Focused on Mission Accomplishment. GALT uniquely focuses on architecture as a solution, effective open systems integration, and rapid prototyping & fielding.



Our Mission is to weaponize information at the point of impact. Provide simple, effective information capabilities; supporting all levels of war fighting; driving information to the lowest levels; enabling faster decision cycles and decisive results.


GALT believes in the tenets of Maneuver Warfare – mission orders, delegation of authority and responsibility, focus of effort, and reconnaissance pull, with results being the only metric of value – so we apply them vigorously to our business and culture. 

Understanding warfighter needs is at the core of the GALT approach to systems engineering, design, and development. Veteran Pilots, Aviators, and Flight Officers make up key components of the team. Armed with experience in the field, and in touch with current operators, the GALT approach is tightly coupled with the end user.

The DoD acquisition process can be long and arduous, protracted timelines for development of new technology reduce readiness and hinder warfighting capability. GALT cuts through long timelines with a lightening speed approach to development and prototyping. Hands on development cycles in GALT labs brings together cutting-edge technology for complex airborne systems addressing challenges with both hardware and software.

Iterative rapid prototyping sprints embed direct user input throughout the process, and continuous testing in both the lab and field environment further reduces time to field innovative solutions.