DevOps Engineer (II - IV)


DevOps Engineer (Level II-IV)


Company Background

Global Air Logistics and Training, LLC (GALT) is a non-traditional defense contractor whose vision is a rapid innovator solving the world’s critical security challenges to enable warriors to win…decisively. GALT subscribes to Col John Boyd’s tenet “Wars are won by people, ideas and equipment, IN THAT ORDER.” Warriors need tools (equipment) that are flexible. GALT will always satisfy the warrior with such tools.


Founded in 2015, GALT provides simple, effective information capabilities to support all levels of war and to drive information to the lowest levels possible, enabling faster decision cycles and decisive results. GALT uniquely focuses on architecture solutions, effective open systems integration and rapid prototyping, fielding and operations.


Job Location

San Diego, CA


Job Description

GALT is seeking a DevOps Engineer II-IV.  GALT currently has a small IT department and is ready to grow. This is a chance to get in early and build a team, environment, and culture the right way. GALT seeks engineers that are experienced, talented, motivated, creative, collaborative, self-starting, and/or just the right combination thereof.


The qualified candidate must be motivated to learn and gather new technologies and related tools in order to grow and support the company’s development and growth of the IT infrastructure as system administrator and IT manager.  As the DevOps engineer, the candidate will create and manage network development and operations as well as manage all aspects of a growing IT infrastructure. The selected candidate will need to coordinate and work alongside hardware, RF, mechanical, and electrical engineers to fully understand the systems and components being supported and the IT capabilities required and help the development team with deployment strategy and capacity planning across development, QA, and staging. Work with the development team to deploy and manage tools that support SDLC automation, configuration management and release management


Skills, Experience, and Education

  • B.S. in computer science or related field

  • 5+ years of experience as DevOps with broad understanding of procedures, processes, practices the interrelationships within the IT environment with focus on server and services and an ability to help build the necessary infrastructure

  • Experience with continuous deployment in a high availability environment

  • Experience configuring server images and optimize task performance in correspondence with engineers, including knowledge of physical and virtual server support

  • Programming experience a plus: Python, Java, C/C++, etc.

  • Strong scripting experience: Python, bash, Ansible, PowerShell, etc..

  • A desire to step out of your comfort zone and grow as required.

  • Advanced understanding of server based operating systems

  • Experience working with distributed computer systems, software and associated communication networks

  • Experience working with networking principles and local area networks

  • Experience with version control systems and related best practices, particularly Git

  • Strong experience with Linux OS (RHEL, CentOS)

  • Knowledge of DevOps procedures, processes, practices and an ability to help build the necessary infrastructure.

  • Awareness and or experience with cyber-security best practices, tools, procedures, coding standards, use of third-party software, etc.

  • Secret Clearance preferred

  • Team player with a proactive attitude and the ability to be productive in a dynamic environment

  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment

  • Strong oral and written communications skills

  • Strong critical and analytical thinking who must be self-directed and thrive in a fast paced and collaborative culture

  • Ability to take initiative, multi-task and work well under pressure




To apply for this position, please send your cover letter and resume to  Please clearly indicate the position sought in the subject line.  Thank you.

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