Electrical Engineer (III, IV)


Company Background
Global Air Logistics and Training, Inc. (GALT) is a non-traditional defense contractor whose vision is a rapid innovator solving the world’s critical security challenges to enable warriors to win…decisively. GALT subscribes to Col John Boyd’s tenet “Wars are won by people, ideas and equipment, IN THAT ORDER.” Warriors need tools (equipment) that are flexible. GALT will always satisfy the warrior with such tools.

Founded in 2015, GALT provides simple, effective information capabilities to support all levels of war and to drive information to the lowest levels possible, enabling faster decision cycles and decisive results. GALT uniquely focuses on architecture solutions, effective open systems integration and rapid prototyping, fielding and operations.

Job Location
San Diego, CA

Job Description
GALT is hiring for Electrical Engineer (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) positions.

At GALT, Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) are responsible for collaborative, complex designs of RF, digital, mixed-signal, and computing capabilities in size, weight, and power (SWAP)-constrained systems for airborne, ground-based mobile, and shipborne military command, control, and communication systems.

Our Electrical Engineers both support and lead engineering teams as appropriate and provide well-founded engineering advice to all members of GALT support organizations, and suppliers to successfully accomplish projects within cost and schedule to the satisfaction of leadership and the end customer - typically measured by degree of contract compliance.

GALT Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) are responsible to know the fundamentals of specific areas of Electrical Engineering for electrical and mechtronic systems design and build in the context of bringing rugged, defense systems to life.

GALT Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) perform in a structured program environment with requirements ranging from rapid prototyping to production-ready systems.

GALT Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) are full time salaried employees working regular business hours; however, they may need to work additional hours depending on the needs of the project(s).

GALT Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) will often be qualifying, selecting, and working with candidate components and working directly with specialty suppliers and sub-contractors.

GALT Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) most often work in a business office environment but may be regularly outside of the office for meetings to visit suppliers, customers, and test and demonstration sites including significant time in aircraft hangers and potentially in the elements.


GALT Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) share responsibilities that include support for teams in the field, and carefully building/nurturing client relationships with US Department of Defense and US aerospace/defense companies through creativity, cost and schedule awareness, and follow-through.


GALT Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) have significant responsibility and are held accountable for elements of program success. Organization and time management skills are extremely important to effectively carry out the demands of this position. They must be team-oriented, because the scale of the projects that they will work on demands a significant amount of communication and cooperation. Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) are expected to know industry norms, and safe practices and standards to effectively carry out their duties within the GALT Design Process.


GALT Electrical Engineers (RF/Communications/Digital/Computer Systems) are educated/trained engineers with a minimum bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited college or university and specific experience beyond the bachelor’s degree ad appropriate.


A GALT Electrical Engineer III will have at minimum 5 years of successful design team experience beyond their education.


A GALT Electrical Engineer IV will have at minimum 7 years of successful design team experience, and experience leading elements of design teams beyond their education.

Required Skills, Experience, and Education
• Ability to work full-time in a salaried position that may require surges of effort
• Excellent presentation, written and verbal communication skills
• Appropriate level of skill with advanced CAD/CAM design software
• Appropriate level of skill with 3D modeling
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with specialty areas of study such as RF, Communications, Digital, Computer Systems, Electrical Systems Engineering and/or Mechtronic Systems Engineering
• Ability and desire to support others in demanding environments complying with and improving processes for ever more effective performance
• 5+ years (Electrical Engineer III) and 7+ years (Electrical Engineer IV) of successful experience with increasing responsibilities in engineering projects, preferably as a member of the Armed Services, employee of NASA or similar agency, or as a DoD contractor
• A high level of skill with Microsoft Office tools, including MS-Project, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Teams
• Ability to obtain a US DoD Security Clearance

Preferred Skills, Experience and Education
• Additional formal education in Electrical Engineering specialty areas of study such as, or certification in particular areas of expertise such as RF, Communications, Digital, Computer Systems, Electrical Systems Engineering and/or Mechtronic Systems Engineering, including Master's Degree
• Varied background with small (<$2M) to large (>$10M) programs both in a rapid prototyping and a product development environment


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