Part Time Engineering Facilities Coordinator

GALT is seeking a part-time (approx. 20-25 hours per week), Engineering Facilities Coordinator to help us at our GALT Engineering Center to maintain order, assemble items (such as furnishings and equipment), unpack equipment received, stage property for use by the engineering team, and generally maintain the order of a busy 8000 square foot facility, growing to 12,000 square foot in the near future. The Engineering Facilities Coordinator will support the project management and engineering staff to be ever-better prepared to accomplish the myriad of daily activities supported by the facility, including:

o    Unpacking, organizing, storing, and staging of GALT and/or Government-owned property.
o    Storing and stocking facility supplies such as stocking refrigerators, unboxing received items such as kitchen goods, etc.
o    Supporting GALT personnel to assemble equipment such as furniture, lighting, desktop computer equipment, etc.
o    Accepting deliveries and organizing for incoming inspection.
o    Overseeing visitors brought to the facility to accomplish specialty work such as construction, electrical, plumbing, IT, etc. 
o    Moving furniture and equipment such as needed to reconfigure office, lab, or meeting space to support growth, events, etc.
o    Adhering to and improving health and safety standards throughout the facility, and
o    Supporting facility renovations/improvements such as hanging white boards, deploying telephone sets to desks.
o    Promote energy efficiency and energy savings and help control costs for supplies and equipment.


Occasionally, the Engineering Facilities Coordinator may be asked to assist at other GALT facilities in San Diego with similar activities.  This position will require you to have transportation.  This part-time position offers flexibility in scheduling to support educational or other commitments

Required Skills, Experience, and Education

o    Demonstrable handyman skills. Some experience with assembling/maintaining items to a safe standard for professional use will be a plus.
o    Excellent organizational skills.
o    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.    
o    Physical ability to move heavy (approx. 75 lbs) and often awkward items.  
o    Minimum High school education completed, some college/technical education preferred.
o    Minimum 1 year of work experience in an engineering/industrial environment  
o    Team player with a proactive attitude and the ability to be productive in a dynamic environment
o    Ability to work in a collaborative environment
o    Ability to take initiative, multi-task and work well under pressure


$17-20 /per hour.  Approx. 20-25 hours per week.

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