Meet the GALT Strategic Advisory Board

GALT has extensive experience across multiple operational environments.  GALT personnel include military veterans from Navy and Air Force services. Since its founding, GALT has worked closely with government agencies and military labs to explore concepts of advanced prototyping for innovative solutions.

The GALT team has extensive experience including:

  • Naval Aviation

  • USAF Command & Control


  • Tactical Data Links and systems

  • DoD ACAT-1 Program Management

Gen Tom Hobbins
USAF, Retired

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Lt Gen David Deptula
USAF, Retired

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Hon. Gary Kessler
SES DASN-Air, Retired
Bobby Smart
SES, USAF, Retired

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Terry Collins
Boeing/ArgonST, Retired

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Mr. Scott O'Neil
SES, Retired

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