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Network Architecture Design

Combining experience at the tactical edge with a creative approach to systems engineering, GALT has outlined a multi-tiered approach to airborne networking that combines the flexibility and adaptability of Internet Protocol networks with Tactical Data Links which permeate tactical platforms in all domains. The combination of networks includes multiple tiers of links including a long range, high-bandwidth backbone, medium throughput downlinks from air to ground (or sea), mesh network links, TDL, advanced TDLs, and satellite links if and when available.

The GALT approach to network architecture takes advantage of advanced routing technologies that gateway information between each tier of the network. Meshed networking protocols interconnect dynamic platforms and manage routing paths through multi-hop threads. GALT networks build on Minimized SWaP components that enable extension of the network into manned, unmanned, and mobile platforms. The meshed networking approach simplifies the implementation on the battlefield by managing dynamic links without requiring the intervention of personnel.


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