Operational Documentation

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Succinct and well-designed documentation assists operators in learning and understanding operational processes, and the way systems facilitate efficient operations.  GALT experience reaches across multiple levels of documentation required to move a system from idea to production to sustainment.

The GALT team has developed CONOPS for multiple services reaching across a variety of mission threads. GALT personnel led the CONOPS working group for early Joint Tactical Edge Networking working groups that helped to define a consistent approach for IP networking across joint platforms such as E-2D, EP-3, AWACS, JSTARS, P-3, Rivet Joint, BACN, Triton, Global Hawk, and others. GALT understanding of warfighter needs, and ability to articulate the warfighter’s operational activities within a variety of mission threads provides clear guidance to system and product development.

Translation of operational requirements into actionable programs requires documentation to populate the DODAF framework and a library of requirements, specifications, and descriptive documents, illustrations, and models. The GALT team can develop these documents while moving through a warfighter focused approach to design, prototyping, test, fielding, and support.