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Proof of Capability Excellence: Successful multi-node sensor correlation & Beyond-Line-of-Sight demo

GALT Aerospace successfully completed a Proof of Capability demonstration with Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and SES Networks (SES) for a potential customer.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 8, 2022 / -- GALT Aerospace has successfully completed a Proof of Capability demonstration with Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and SES Networks (SES) for a potential government customer. The demonstration shared Situational Awareness (SA) information between otherwise incompatible platforms with emphasis on integrating the disparate sensor feeds and forwarding mission-critical information to distant Command and Control (C2) nodes.

In early January, at customer request, GALT, along with SNC and SES, coordinated a real-world demonstration of capabilities. It showcased a live system that correlated off-board and on-board sensors with Link-16 and TTNT Track overlays to create a Common Operating Picture (COP), which was then displayed on a federated on-board Tablet. The COP was then real-time remoted, along with video, via a Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) SES Ka-SATCOM (20 Mbps, in the rain) to a Teleport and IP routed back to a Ground C2 Display in the GALT SIL. SNC brings its extensive expertise in sensor integration, and SES its premiere global capabilities in medium-Earth orbit (MEO) BLOS Ka-SATCOM to the team. Together, they designed and integrated a Proof of Capability solution in less than four weeks.

The Proof of Capability demonstration is the first step in showing the government what is possible today to bring real defensive system SA to critical airborne assets. The requirements for correlated data and connection to distant end users is not unique to a specific service branch, but rather fully relevant across the Joint Battlespace.

“The demonstration shows Tactical Edge CLOUD Capabilities seamlessly enabling Sensor, SA and C2 data between Edge nodes and any C2 node globally, effectively doing the ABMS mission now. The government demonstration far exceeded expectations,” said Bayne Bunce (GALT CTO/COO). “The other key aspect of the demonstration was the use of open-architecture COTS-based advanced capabilities, eliminating vendor lock. The SA capabilities can be easily tailored to the specific warfighter’s needs.”

GALT is a non-traditional small business that delivers premier communications and C2 solutions in support of the Department of Defense. GALT’s combination of technical innovation and fast-paced execution unleashes new capabilities, bolsters security and transforms information flow. GALT specializes in open-architecture, scalable and tailorable communications architectures, rapid prototyping and user experience design. GALT’s process is based on Agile Software and System engineering development to improve, modernize and enhance command, control and communications systems in a full and transparent warfighter focused manner.


David Heist - Director of Growth and Business Development

GALT Aerospace


Danny Devlin - Senior Manager, BD ISR, Aviation, and Security Programs

Sierra Nevada Corp

720-572-2415 ext 168415

Jeff Warner- Director, Strategic Government Initiatives – ISR

SES Networks



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