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Retired Vice Admiral Mat Winter join GALT's Board of Directors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Global Air Logistics and Training, Inc. (GALT) is very pleased to announce that retired Vice Admiral Mat Winter has joined GALT's Board of Directors

SAN DIEGO, June18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Air Logistics and Training, Inc. (GALT) -- Mat currently is the President of Winter Strategic Solutions, LLC. Prior to that position, he completed a distinguished 35+ year Navy career with his final two marque leadership positions being the 24th Chief of Naval Research, where he led the Navy's global Science and Technology Enterprise, and as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Director, where he led a Global Enterprise with over $30 billion annual budget and had significant responsibilities for modernization, production and global operations of the world's most advanced 5th generation strike fighter. His formal technical and business education from the University of Notre Dame (BS ME), the Naval Post Graduate School (MS Computer Science) and the National Defense University (MS Natural Resource Strategy) underpins his impactful operational warfighting and extensive business and technology experiences at the highest levels of the public trust.

All of these qualities and experiences make Admiral Winter a perfect fit to help guide GALT in achieving its near and long term profitability and strategic growth goals.

GALT is a non-traditional, veteran-owned small business that delivers premier command, control and communications (C3) solutions in support of the Department of Defense. GALT's combination of technical innovation and fast-paced execution unleashes new capabilities, bolsters security, and transforms information flow. GALT specializes in open, scalable, and tailorable communications architectures, rapid prototyping, and user experience design.

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