Sumner Lee

Chief OperatingOfficer

Sumner Lee is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of GALT and is also founder and CEO of Fuse Integration, Inc. Warfighter focused design and development is the mantra that Sumner continually brings forward in both of his roles. GALT and Fuse are highly integrated in the pursuit of advanced BMC4ISR using highly innovative commercial design and rapid prototyping practices into military systems engineering projects.

As a Naval Aviator flying in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Sumner learned first-hand the failure that can result when designers and engineers don’t consult the user throughout the systems engineering process. As a project manager at SPAWAR Sumner developed new airborne networking solutions that reached across SPAWAR, NAVAIR, and joint enterprises. Sumner now pushes further forward in the area of developing intuitive networked solutions for the warfighter.

After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, Sumner went on to graduate first in his class from flight school and flew H-46 helicopters out of San Diego. Choosing to remain in San Diego, Sumner took a position leading the SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific airborne networking team. He worked with a small group of visionary PMs and engineers to build the team from scratch to deliver secure, multi-level IP network connectivity to over six type-model- series aircraft including E-2C, EP-3, P-3 AIP, P-8, Triton and others. Sumner was a plank owner of the Joint Tactical Edge Networking working group, and while at SPAWAR he won three ONR Rapid Technology Transition projects, co-wrote the technical plan for the $70 million CABLE (Communications Air-Borne Layer Expansion) JCTD and transitioned two other airborne networking programs from developmental projects into the presidential budget.

Upon earning his MBA from The University of Southern California, Sumner transitioned from active naval service (as an O-3) over to the commercial world to work as the Director of Business Development with RKS Design, Inc., an internationally recognized strategy development and product design firm with over 60 global awards.

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