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GALT History and Vision

Veteran Pilots, Aviators, and Flight Officers make up key components of the GALT Aerospace team. Armed with experience in the field, and in touch with current operators, the GALT approach is tightly coupled with the end user

The DoD acquisition process can be long and arduous, protracted timelines for development of new technology reduce readiness and hinder war fighting capability. GALT cuts through long timelines with a lightening speed approach to development and prototyping. Hands on development cycles in GALT labs brings together cutting-edge technology for complex airborne systems addressing challenges with both hardware and software. Iterative rapid prototyping sprints embed direct user input throughout the process, and continuous testing in both the lab and field environment further reduces time to field innovative solutions.


GALT's experience with airborne networks, airborne systems, software, and integrated multilevel security solutions brings an ability to move quickly through multiple parallel design activities to arrive at functional prototypes that can be explored by operational personnel and move advanced systems into the hands of the warfighter more quickly than traditional development could even comprehend.

Leadership Team


GALT has extensive experience across multiple operational environments. GALT personnel include military veterans from Navy and Air Force services. Since its founding, GALT has worked closely with government agencies and military labs to explore concepts of advanced prototyping for innovative solutions. The GALT team has extensive experience including:


  • Naval Aviation

  • USAF Command and Control


  • Tactical Data Links and systems

  • DoD ACAT-1 Program Management



To Provide Game Changing Solutions

Inspired by the warfighter, driven by innovation, and focused on mission accomplishment. GALT uniquely focuses on architecture as a solution, effective open systems integration, and rapid prototyping & fielding.


To Weaponize Information at the Point of Impact


Provide simple, effective information capabilities; supporting all levels of war fighting; driving information to the lowest levels; enabling faster decision cycles and decisive results.


GALT Believes in the Tenets of Maneuver Warfare


Mission orders, delegation of authority and responsibility, focus of effort, and reconnaissance pull, with results being the only metric of value – so we apply them vigorously to our business and culture.


The Right Thing

•  We work on important things that we are passionate about and will make a difference for US National Security

•  We are ethical and forthright and expect the same from our partners and customers

•  We operate with integrity in all things, we do the RIGHT THING

Trust and Respect

•  We always strive to earn and foster trust

•  We act and communicate with respect

•  We foster mutually beneficial relationships

Add Value

•  We take ownership of our tasks and deliver results to our customers, partners, and each other

•  We champion individual expertise, creativity, and accomplishment

•  We recognize that collaborative teams achieve even greater results

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