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Software & Modeling

Software and Modeling

GALT Aerospace software engineers have many years of diverse experience across the Department of Defense analyzing requirements, design, as well as implementing modern solutions

Open, Secure, Resilient Architecture

Our Open Architecture approach is central to each aspect design across our solution sets related to our state-of-the-art software radio design. RESTful schema-based interfaces allow for an Open system architecture and align with open standards initiatives - OMS, FACE, OCS, WOSA.

Rapid, Agile Development Process

GALT Aerospace implements an Agile software development approach in alignment with DoD initiatives:  

  • Software development modeled after DevSecOps

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

  • Automate everything possible

  • Digital Engineering Infrastructure

  • Containerized Architectures

  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

  • Modern web-development 


Modeling to Enhance Quality and Reduce Risk

At GALT, we leverage our experience to enhance quality and reduce risk for the customer by simulating and modeling entire networks. The GALT team has made regular use of a tactical data link simulator to simulate Link-16 networks and GPS simulators to generate flight scenarios to test our software and payloads with realistic flight profiles while executing tests. We leverage a containerized service-oriented architecture that has standardized the coding of an ingeniously developed simulation mode for all GALT Aerospace developed services, providing the ability to generate simulated data and allowing for further risk mitigation.

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