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Delivering Solutions Across a Breadth of Engineering and Design Disciplines.

GALT capabilities are complimented by reaching into a strong network of suppliers, consultants, partners, and vendors.​​​ The GALT team has extensive experience including:

  • ​Naval Aviation

  • USAF Command & Control


  • Tactical Data Links and systems

  • DoD ACAT-1 Program Management

  • Military Communications

  • Warfighter Workshops

  • Aircraft Integration

  • Use Case Analysis

  • Workflow Analysis

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Failure Mode Analysis

  • Cybersecurity Analysis

  • Modeling & Simulation

  • Mission Modeling

  • Effects Modeling

  • Environmental Design

  • Comparative Test

  • Field & Hands on Test

  • Full Scale Prototyping

  • TDL Interface Design


ASPECT – GALT's Approach to Innovation

Architecture-wide Solutions

Prototype and Experiment

Certify for Transition

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