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GALT Aerospace excels in airborne networking, advanced waveform and datalink communications integration. We have decades of experience in networking systems analysis, design, development, deployment, testing and support

Solving New Challenges with the Modern Warfighter

GALT Aerospace has vast experience designing resilient, secure, and flexible networking architecture to create a robust high-capacity backbone at the contested edge. Our experience includes the progression of a developed prototype architecture all the way through to a viable communications solution connected into 5th to 4th generation assets. GALT Aerospace utilizes Advanced Framework for Simulation, Integration and Modeling to evaluate our advanced open agile Weapons Data Link (WDL) and determine how it would operate at scale in a contested operational environment.

GALT Engineering Center & Expertise

GALT has a robust and mature Systems Integration Lab with the requisite simulators, stimulators and test tools informed by successes with MUDLAN, WDL, FINN, and SkyTower 2 - Phase 1. GALT expanded in January 2023 into a new facility in San Diego, CA that is 50% larger which includes a 67% increase of lab and production spaces.


Our team has networks expertise in:

  • Radio aware network development, implementation, and support

  • Virtualized Networking Stack supporting Software Defined Networking

  • Advanced dynamic networking capability with extensive experience fielding combined IP & Technical Data Link networks to airborne platforms

  • Network configuration, test, and support for expeditionary systems

  • Expertise in designing, creating and managing cyber-hardened networks

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