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Integration & Test

Integration and Test

GALT Aerospace researches, develops, and tests products, services, and solutions to enhance and facilitate pioneering technologies in support of the warfighter

Solutions Focused Engineering

GALT Aerospace has diverse experience across multiple domains as the systems integrator for complex command and control communication systems. We provide strategic systems design, modification, integration, and modernization for manned and unmanned aircraft, including test and certification.   

Requirements Traceability

GALT Aerospace employs a disciplined Requirements Traceability/Test and Verification Matrix (RTVM) to ensure full Requirement Traceability during creation, validation, and verification (Val/Ver) from Program Award through integration, testing and fielding. The GALT Aerospace led FINN Integration and Test efforts leveraged the proven and repeatable processes used on previous programs to include software and hardware design; informed by modeling, simulation and stimulators; analogous applications; established lab testing, test configurations and processes that will validate and verify requirement compliance.


Testing to Eliminate Risk and Challenges

GALT Aerospace maximizes the benefits of its proven DevSecOps software processes, coupled with Model Based-Systems Engineering (MBSE) to identify and correct challenges and pain points throughout development. Additionally, GALT Aerospace has broad expertise transitioning complex systems to live flight demonstration, to include range coordination, spectrum authorization (working with DoD and FAA agencies), airworthiness, and flight safety approval.

GALT Engineering Center

GALT has a robust and mature Systems Integration Lab with the requisite simulators, stimulators and test tools informed by successes with MUDLAN, WDL, FINN, and SkyTower 2-Phase 1. GALT expanded in January 2023 into a new facility in San Diego, CA that is 50% larger which includes an increase of 67% in lab and production spaces.

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