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Joint Data Network Operations Training Program

JDNO Training Program


GALT has partnered with Advanced Computer Learning Company, LLC (ACLC) and Advanced Strategic Insight, Inc. (ASI), to execute a $7M, 4-year Task Order to deliver curriculum development, maintenance, and training support services for the Joint Staff (JS), J-7 Joint Interoperability and Data Link Training Center (JID-TC), at the Pope AAF, Fort Liberty, North Carolina. The GALT-ACLC-ASI team was competitively awarded this order through the SeaPort-NxG IDIQ on September 29, 2023.

GALT partnered with ACLC and ASI to create a technically advanced team of small businesses that will provide expert training services to the Joint Staff, J-7 at Fort Liberty. In 2021, because of Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) related transformations in the DoD’s C2 realm-across all services and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff mandates, the JID-TC prioritized the need to create a series of Joint Domain Network Officer Staff Courses to develop personnel who can manage the Joint Data Networks to support C2 processes and enhance decision advantage. The GALT-ACLC-ASI team was selected among numerous industry submissions and now begins a progressive effort of course development to educate, train, and certify JDNO Officers. 

GALT Chief Strategy Officer, David Heist, notes, “GALT has grown tremendously across the last few years with a distinct focus on providing CJADC2-related capabilities to the warfighter across the forces. This JDNO program is a major win for GALT, and an emphasis on our subject matter expertise in all things CJADC2. We look forward to working with our teammates, ACLC and ASI, to continue our mission to provide advanced solutions and incredibly relevant training direct to the warfighter.”

Following contract kickoff at Fort Liberty, ACLC President, Wade Owens, said “ACLC has provided the JID-TC with outstanding academic instruction and support services since 2021. We are proud to expand our role in supporting Joint Warfighters by providing our Teammates, GALT and ASI, with world class Instructional Systems Design and Curriculum Development services."

ASI Vice President, Shayne Yorton, agreed, saying, "ASI is excited to work again with the JID-TC to train future JDNOs across the Services. ASI has been fortunate to provide our subject matter experts to shape the future of CJADC2, and the team is looking forward to teaching these ever-changing concepts to the Joint Force. The team of GALT, ACLC and ASI will continue the JID-TC legacy of training the Warfighter in networked interoperability concepts and procedures for the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff to meet Joint Commanders' enduring and emerging mission needs.”

The GALT-ACLC-ASI team provides industry leading common tactical, operational, and strategic information network expertise in support of the JTF Commanders and their operational staffs ability to plan and execute joint military operations. The JDNO Training Program will provide a strategic edge to the Joint Task Force as they train and execute a concise, timely and actionable common operational picture. Designed to be an immersive CJADC2 training experience, the JDNO course will enable the Joint Forces to train their staff on mission-critical information sharing across domains.

For more information on JDNO and other GALT training capabilities, please reach out to David Heist at (703) 606-2702. 

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