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Hardware & Software Integration

Hardware and Software Integration

GALT Aerospace is at the forefront of pioneering technological innovation, integrating hardware and software systems to achieve complex mission objectives

Customer Focused

GALT is built around rapid prototyping, with a focus on providing viable solutions to the warfighter in short order. At GALT, we work closely with clients, users, and stakeholders to deliver solutions across a breadth of software engineering and design disciplines. We maintain flexibility through an Open, COTS based Architecture, eliminating Vendor Lock and providing us the ability to continuously progress in partnership with our customer’s ever-evolving missions.

Joint All-Domain Solutions

GALT Aerospace unifies disparate networks, including tactical communication exchanges in combative airspace. We enhance and expand resilient/seamless communications capabilities including:

  • Gateways – airborne pods, aircraft internal and ground systems

  • Tactical Control Plane – improve seamlessness, greater network flexibility, autonomous operations

  • SATCOM – current systems and emerging commercial highly-populated LEO constellations     


Seamlessly Integrated Systems

GALT Aerospace has diverse experience as systems integrators for complex information systems. At GALT we have the expertise to:

  • Integrate commercial AI/Cognitive Services into defense C4ISR applications

  • Engineer Artificial-Intelligence Voice Enhanced Operations (AVEO)

  • Use Blockchain to ensure authorized C3 functions

  • Implement C4ISR Collaboration Enhancement through Augmented Reality

Customizable Commercial Integration

GALT Aerospace is vendor agnostic and takes advantage of the highest TRL radios, components, waveforms, software, and pod aerospace shells to deliver capabilities that meet or exceed requirements while reducing SWaP, risk, cost, and schedule. Our focus on leveraging commercially available products and systems allows our customers to harness the emerging and innovative technologies across the market, rapidly increasing capabilities and reducing development time.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Hosting / Integrating Communication Systems

  • Integration of Radios & Waveforms

  • Implementation of Cross Domain Solutions

  • Data / Track Correlators & Fusion integration

  • Terminal / Workstation Hosts

  • Antenna (AESA) and RF Design / I&T

  • Thermal, aerodynamic and mechanical stress analyses

  • Design for EMI/EMC Compliance

  • RF link budget calculation

  • Aerospace compliant cable and harness design

  • Novel electronic packaging concepts

  • Environmental Control Systems for airborne applications

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