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Artificial-Intelligence Voice Enhancement Operations (AVEO)


An AI Solution to MDC2 Information Management

AVEO is a flexible, voice and speech based, query/response system that creates a dynamic, on demand, common operating picture for the MDC2 operators and decision makers.


AVEO 's goal is to significantly increase the ability of operators and key commanders to quickly gather and synthesize data across multi-domain battlespaces to rapidly make the best decision.

Amazon Web Services provide the basic framework to unlock the world intelligent computing – paired with military experts, the problems that can be solved are endless!


  • Optimized SA - Situational Awareness

  • Rapid decision making

  • Increased accuracy, eliminate human errors

  • SImplified systems training

  • Reliable transcription of ABM

NLP AI Focus Areas:

  • Predictive MX

  • Agile Combat Logistics

  • Mission Planning

  • Real-time Speech-to-Text

  • Training

  • Operations Execution

For more information, contact David Heist.

View our video for a quick introduction!

View our Demo video!

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